The Deity is in the Details…

House rules, Covid measures and other helpful Troncones info

Check in & Check out

  • Check in is at 3pm — If you’re arriving sooner, let us know and we’ may be able to work something out. At least, you can drop off your stuff and go play til your beach retreat is ready.
  • Check out is at 11am — We may be able to work out a later check out, but please contact us at least 2 days beforehand to do request a late checkout.


Laura is bilingual, but Karina and Alfredo speak only Spanish. They’re good at charades, however. We also have Spanish Phrasebooks in each unit, and the Google Translate app works wonders!

Allergies and other sensitivities

Pet allergies: There are cats on the premises (outdoors, unless invited in) and dogs are frequent guests. You’ve been warned. Though we do not have carpet and other dander such traps, we cannot guarantee that folks who are allergic to cats and dogs will be symptom free here.

Chemical sensitivities: This is also an eco-Oasis. We limit the use of harsh chemicals and pesticides. We use the cleanest, low-odor, biodegradable laundry detergent and natural, eco-friendly cleaning products we can find. (Unscented products are not widely available here.) If you have allergies and other sensitivities, it is your responsibility to make them known before booking, so we can see if we are able accommodate them. We’ll do our best, but we cannot guarantee that we will be able to accommodate out of the ordinary requests. 

Ants, bugs and other jungle denizens

Do your dishes ASAP! Our lovely manager/housekeeper Karina will help you out with everything else, but she does not do dishes. (Mainly because leaving dirty dishes around attracts critters. The Oasis is eco-friendly — we rely on prevention rather than harsh pesticides — and open architecture, and pests descend quickly in the tropics. Especially the never-far tropical sugar ants… Not to mention the armadillos, possums, iguana, and coatimundi (among others) that can make an appearance when tempted… You’ve been warned.)


We’re animal lovers (as witnessed by our various cats—who don’t generally go inside unless invited). If you’d like to bring your pet, please let us know about him/her and we’ll consider it.

Doggy Rules

1. Dogs must be cat friendly
2. Always have them with you. (Troncones restaurants are very dog friendly.)
3. Never leave dogs unattended in the flat or garden. (We’ve had dogs that bark like mad when alone)
4. Clean up after dogs immediately in the garden.
5. Don’t let them chew on anything of ours or mess in the house.
6. Keep dogs on leash in the garden. (They can roam freely on the beach.)


In normal times, Casa Oasis is cleaned six days a week. Staff gets Sundays and major holidays off. We work to arrange days off so that you never have more than one day without service. Towels and sheets are changed once a week. More (or less) by special request.

COVID Cleaning Changes

Cleaning is now 2-3 times a week, in order to minimize contact (sheets and towels will still be changed every 3-4 days)

We now need notification in order to come in and clean.

Please tell Karina in advance when you will be going out for at least 2-3 hours (text her if she’s not around) and put out the sign. She will come in after an hour or so to clean. She will be wearing a mask and disinfecting surfaces, in addition to regular cleaning. Please let staff know in advance when you’ll be needing a new water bottle. Then let them know when you’ll be out, and they’ll try to bring it in then. Feel free to leave a trash can that wants emptying visible outside the door (on staff days—they or Laura can let you know when they’re there that week).

(If you’d rather not have anyone come in at all, just let us know. We can just give you clean linens and empty trash, etc.).

Covid Precautions

• Please wear masks in common areas when staff is around
• Please practice social distancing with staff, even outdoors.

Staff hours

Karina (our Manger/housekeeper) and Alfredo (our handyman/gardener) are there three days a week, due to Covid. The days vary. Please work out cleaning days with Karina, if you would like housekeeping.

House Rules & Tips

Wifi info and septic tank rules (important) are posted in the house.

  • Let us know of any problem, so we can try and fix it. Let Karina or Laura know ASAP if anything is not working correctly! We want your stay to be awesome and carefree.
  • Quiet hours are from 10pm – 9 am
  • No events or parties (unless you rent the whole place).This is a peaceful Oasis.
  • Check in is at 3pm — If you’re arriving sooner, let us know and we’ may be able to work something out. At least, you can drop off your stuff and go play til your beach retreat is ready.
  • Check out is at 11am — We may be able to work out a later check out, but please contact us at least 2 days beforehand to do request a late checkout.
  • Turn off fans and lights when you’re not using them, please. Our light bill is insane.
  • Keep gates shut at all times, as we don’t want the cats running out into the street.
  • Park diagonally on the gravel area outside the main gate
  • Use only provided purified water in teapot, coffee makers, and to brush your teeth.
  • Use clicker to light stove / oven (spark alone will do it, if it’s out of gas. But let us know and we’ll replace it.)

Pool Rules

Our refreshing plunge pool is shared by all the units. Pool hours are 11:00 am to 7:00 pm.
  • No pool use until 11 am. We have to do pool maintenance, let the chemicals dilute, and provide peace and privacy to our guests. If you’re renting the downstairs unit, you get early morning and after-hours evening pool access, but only if you respect QUIET HOURS
  • Always rinse sand off your feet before going on the patio, or in pool. Please use the water bowls by the steps/entrances.
  • Do not splash so much that you empty the pool.
  • No boogie boards in the pool. It’s really not safe!

KIDS in a peaceful space:

We are pro-kid and pro-family. Kids are totally welcome, and they need to respect other guests’ experience in all shared areas. 

Casa Oasis is a very peaceful place. The ocean covers most sound, but our architecture is very open. Screaming and yelling will disturb other guests. This means sensitivity to noise levels is a must. We are also adult friendly, and we want ALL of our guest to enjoy their stay… So please, kids, use your inside voice in the pool and in the gardens. The giant, beautiful beach right out front is the perfect place to run and scream! : ) Yay!

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Why Choose Casa Oasis? Click on the dots and see…

Pristine Troncones beach in the afternoon

All the beauty of a pristine, private beach…

We’re serious beach lovers lovers, which is why we built Casa Oasis on this pristine, nearly virgin corner of Troncones beach. Here, it’s all about nature. The gorgeous empty beach, the insane night sky, the whales breaching in the distance.

The practically private stretch of sand in front of the house is habitat to sea turtles, egrets, cranes, pelicans and hundreds of other birds, iguanas, vultures, skunks, and even the occasional armadillo. It doesn’t get much better than stepping out of the comfort of this home and into this natural paradise…

With all the comforts of civilization…

Except maybe coming home, after a long day of sun, sand and sea, to the house’s domestic comforts—like a clean, airy, fully-screened bedrooms with huge, comfy beds, soft cotton sheets, and lovingly crafted towel art which, in turn, reminds us of the natural wonders waiting just outside.