Our beach at dawn

Deserted Troncones beach at dawn

Mama sea turtle returns to the ocean,
just after laying eggs right in front of Casa Oasis Troncones

Location, location, location!

Not to brag, but we really did nab the best spot on Troncones beach…

Where exactly is Casa Oasis Troncones vacation rental? Just ask Google:

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Casa Oasis Troncones location is ideal. We are the solitary end of the quietest, 99% residential, sandy swimming beach in Troncones. The only mostly residential sandy beach in town. (Which means our beach is practically private and much cleaner.) While we’re far from any town noise, It’s an easy 10-15 minute stroll to restaurants and stores on the beach road, with its tropical flowers and technicolor birds. Or a five minute bike ride, if you don’t stop to chat with anyone, that is.

It takes a bit longer walking down the beach, what with all the stopping to play in the waves and ooh and aah at the pristine coastal vista and the occasional surfer, dolphin, visiting pod of whales, or just-hatched baby turtles struggling bravely off to sea…

Where in Mexico is Troncones?

Troncones village is hidden away in time, just 20 miles North of Ixtapa Zihuatanejo (and around 30 miles from ZIH international airport). A good two hours North of Acapulco, on Mexico’s gorgeous Costa Grande. About a three-hour drive from Morelia. Most major airlines have flights into ZIH, though sometimes only 2-3 times a week. Google flights calendar feature is helpful in planning your Troncones flights.

Where in Troncones is Casa Oasis?

Casa Oasis is a little over a mile north of the two streets that make up “downtown” troncones. Just far enough away for total peace and quiet, and yet still conveniently close to Troncones restaurants, stores, shopping, yoga, etc.

Where we really are: not far from the airport or the big city, but extremely close to nature

Even the turtles love our location. The wide deserted stretch of soft sand at our end of the beach is ideal turtle egg-laying ground. Thus their frequent visits. So, seeing sea turtles up close and personal just got that much more possible, when you stay at Casa Oasis.

The Troncones night sky is also spectacular, so don’t forget to look up.

Troncones is home to more stars than you’ve probably ever seen in one place, at least while lying around the beach in a bathing suit. The Milky Way herself generally hangs out right on top of Casa Oasis.

Here’s a handy map of constellations visible from Troncones. Click on the link to get tonight’s map. The soft sand out front of the house is ideal for for an evening of stargazing…

Get tonight’s map: http://www.skymaponline.net/default.asp

Casa Oasis Lat & Long:  17.7882464, -101.73564,17

Sky map of stars and constellations above Troncones

Casa Oasis Troncones as seen from our swimming hole.

Casa Oasis Troncones from the sea

That’s Casa Oasis, down near the end, behind the mangrove tree. See us?

Pristine Troncones beach in the afternoon