On working remotely from Mexico:

Bring Patience and your eye for beauty…

We now have vastly improved WIFI! We have upgraded our internet speeds and our (3) installations, since it is finally possible to do so out in our time-warp village.

We pay for 30-50 MPBS, and we have three separate installations, just in case, BUT IT’S STILL MEXICO, so stuff sometimes happens.

Still, we cannot always guarantee fast internet. We are in a developing nation AND in the tropics AND in a tiny village. (Entropy x 3!) Things happen everywhere, but even more so down here. The climate is really hard on all things electrical, and telecom maintenance is sporadic, at best. So things happen.

Be prepared for things to happen. Maybe the lights go out for a bit, or the internet flickers, or even goes blank. It may happen!

And (be prepared) you may be suddenly ON VACATION on a glorious beach. Let us know, and let us work on it. Meanwhile, please remember why you’re really in Troncones and go out and have some fun while we fix it.

One doesn’t travel to a gorgeous tropical beach for the internet speeds. You have that at home! And we do have decent internet (they’re promising between 30-50mbps) AND a whole lot of other amazing things you definitely won’t find at home.

At Casa Oasis, we will always do our best to control what we can, to make sure that things work and that you’re comfortable, but we cannot control the utilities or the weather.

We have more control over the weather than over the giant Mexican telecommunication monopolies. Due to a lack of competition, lower standards of corporate service and responsibility are standard in Mexico— though things are improving!

So please balance your expectations. Maybe try Switzerland if you want perfect high speed internet. But, if you want a glorious world-class, nearly empty beach right out front, and surf spots galore, and the freshest fish and fruit ever, and lovely, friendly, laid back people, and if you want to prioritize beach frolics over efficiency, this may be the gorgeous, peaceful spot for you.